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“Salons are the backbone of our country. We believe we can help Salons Rethink and Reinvent their salons. We are helping Salons expand their business online.”
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Brian Meehan

About Gretta Monahan

As the Founder and CEO of Gretta Enterprises, a go-to for celebrity styling, top beauty expert, small business & salon owner and graduate of Harvard Business School, Gretta Monahan is a self-made business maven that women rely on to inspire their everyday style potential. Her award-winning collection of beauty spa centers and mutual-brand luxury designer boutique in the Northeast region brings her global style inspirations to life everyday. With weekly television appearances on both The View and The Rachael Ray Show and as a contributor to numerous programs as a lifestyle influencer, expert and advisor Gretta creates elevated targeted content through brand partnerships. She’s a sought after expert ambassador and often shares her favorite brands, products and trends with her loyal following in Boston where her salons are located and beyond through her social media presence and her book, Style and the Successful Girl.

Brian Meehan

About Color Wow

Color Wow is founded on a 25-year history of award-winning beauty product innovation. Their pioneering team, led by founder and CEO Gail Federici, is known for identifying unmet consumer “pain points” and resolving them with inventive, efficacious solutions. From being the first to tame frizz, to brighten blonde and, now, to solve the myriad unaddressed problems of color-treated hair, Color Wow has earned a reputation for disruptive technologies that shatter categories, set precedents, win awards and live on to become iconic beauty products. Learn more at ColorWowHair.com.

Brian Meehan

About Knocking

Knocking is a leader in Television Commerce for Major Media companies. Knocking provides direct-to-consumer content and commerce, offering a full suite of production, e-commerce, engagement analytics and communications capabilities for media companies. Providing exclusive offers and new shopping technologies directly into media content across TV, Radio, Online & Social. Learn more at Knocking.co.

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